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how many of you out there are DAN members?
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I'm guessing that is the type of scuba certification...which in that case I'm PADI. But I'll be switching to a different one soon and I can't remember the name at the
close, but not quite

its diving insurance

SSI? im now doing all my qualifications as ssi. yay

padi sucks balls
ah...I'll be getting insurance soon. I am going to trade to SSI as soon as I graduate college and I start getting trained to do different things.
I was...but my insurance expired.
I have my open water at SSI and my specialty with NAUI.
I have heard that PADI sucks. I don't plan to take any PADI courses anytime soon, although there are a lot of dive charters affiliated with PADI.
99% of dive operators, be they stores, resorts, charters etc accept any qualification. padi is just the best known
Why are they so damn successful?
PADI's success comes no from Marketing but from their training materials.

Simply put, while the all the other training agencies were squabling over who was the best, a NAUI board member broke away (Ralph E.) and teamed up with another guy called John Cronin. The two complimented each other. Ralph ha a passion for training and John a flair for Marketing and selling.

While today, both have passed on, their legacy lives on at PADI (take a tour sometime if you happen to be in southern Califonia. The staff are great and something that I did not know, some of the guys who develop the training materials have their Masters in Education and the head guy their Drew has his Doctorate in education. I don't think many of the other training agencies can clam this.

Anyway, back to the story. Long ago, instructors had to write their own training outline --yep no standardization. And it was really hard to become a diver. PADI developed a standardized outline and distributd it to their instructors, allowing them to focus on delivering the course rather than trying to create it. While today this is standard practice in the industry, PADI realy set the standard. The instructor also tailors the course to the local environment.

Today you can learn the practicle aspects from a book/video, CD-ROM or even online from PADI and I have to say their online stuff kicks butt compared to anything else out there (I had a friend do it and I was so impressed on how much he learnt).

Anyway, you'll read all sorts of crap about PADI out their. At the end of the day, their training material is second to none.

Oh, and as a side note, the EU did a white paper on PADI and how successful it was in rossing international boundries. They must be doing something right.
I'd like to once I start some serious diving, maybe take a few DAN courses. I think it's s good idea for frequent divers.